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May, 2013


Dear Territory Mapper User,


Welcome to the May, 2013 edition of the Territory Mapper Newsletter.

Our major announcement is the release of Territory Mapper Version 6.0. Please read on to learn more.


This newsletter also features a special offer for current users of Territory Mapper V4+, information about our advanced territory design product (AlignStar), as well as information about technical support resources.


If you would like to learn more about TTG, Inc. and our other product offerings, please click here to visit the AlignStar website


I welcome your feedback and questions about Territory Mapper, technical support, or this newsletter.  Please visit our contact form here.


Justin Turner
Manager of Technical Support
TTG, Incorporated 



Territory Mapper V6 Available Now

TTG announces the release of Territory Mapper version 6!

We have been hard at work implementing the new features that you have requested.  New in Version 6, we now include professionally designed, optimized Territory Templates to help get you started quickly. Simply open one of the pre-defined Territory Templates and have an instant, optimized solution for 10 territories, 20 territories, all the way up to 50 territories

We have streamlined the Start-up Wizard, and added the ability to link to existing data sources via the Wizard, simplifying access to your information.  US 5-Digit ZIP Codes are now included, along with quarterly updates and support for one year.

Here is a partial list of what's new in version 6:

  • Complete and up-to-date US 5-Digit ZIP Code Map Layer included.
  • Now includes comprehensive World Maps containing Admin 0 (Country) and Admin 1 (State or equivalent) levels.
  • Redesigned and easy to use Start-up Wizard.
  • Updated User Interface and new toolbar with your choice of small or large icons.
  • New report engine generates reports much faster.
  • New labeling feature allows up to 9 labels for each map unit.
  • Consolidated and improved label controls throughout.
  • New easy access label control in Layers tab for convenient toggling on and off.
  • New and improved Dynamic Labeling feature with user defined settings.
  • New default color palette creates maps that are pleasing to the eye.
  • New Smart Draw default settings.
  • New default spherical Mercator projection (the same projection used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers and others) creates maps with a familiar look and feel.
  • Redesigned Hierarchy Tab control with color keyed folders and Expand All / Collapse All controls to assist with larger sales forces.
  • Redesigned Layers Tab with single-click label controls.
  • Native support for Office 2010 document formats (pptx, xlsx, accdb).
  • Improved Batch Printing Support.
  • Improved support for Drag and Drop alignment in conjunction with the Dynamic Labeling tool.
  • Many more improvements throughout.

Click here to read more about Territory Mapper V6.



Special Introductory Pricing and V6 Upgrade Offer

Upgrade to Territory Mapper V6.0 and save $100!

The introductory price for Territory Mapper V6 is $499.00.  This includes one year of quarterly ZIP Code updates and technical support via phone and email.

Territory Mapper V6 is available for a limited time to registered users of Territory Mapper V4+ at the special upgrade price of $399.00.

Further discounts are available for multiple copies when purchased at the same time.  For a quote on two or more upgrades, please visit the Order page and enter the desired quantity in the field provided.  When you click the "View Shopping Cart" button, the discounted pricing will display.    




AlignStar Desktop & AlignStar Online

Want More Out Of Your Territory Mapping Software?

AlignStar OnlineDo you love the maps that Territory Mapper produces, but wish you could add data and analysis to the solution? Would you like to watch how your sales data totals adjust as you move ZIP Codes from one territory to another? What if there were a program out there that could actually suggest territories for you based on data and parameters that you specify? Well there is! Please visit for more information.

And now, AlignStar Online is available! Publish your AlignStar documents to the web using AlignStar Desktop and then make them available online to your field managers for their feedback and review. Go to to learn more.



Territory Mapper Technical Support

How to Get Help

Territory Mapper SupportMany users of Territory Mapper have found the software to be intuitive and easy to use. The primary design requirement of Territory Mapper software is to make it familiar to most PC users, reducing the initial learning curve. This concept has worked for many users. For those who need more assistance, TTG provides several support options.

The online tutorial walks users through Territory Mapper, using real scenarios and appropriate data. The help topics cover almost everything a user would need to know about how Territory Mapper works. A user forum has been added to the Territory Mapper web site, under the "Support" selection of the main menu. Beyond that, there is live technical support.

The Territory Mapper tutorial provides a solid base of understanding for bringing your information into Territory Mapper, displaying that data, and getting it out again. The tutorial data provided with the software are working examples of properly formatted source data files. You will find them in the \Tutorial folder inside the Territory Mapper installation directory.

The user forum is an online community where Territory Mapper users can interact, ask questions, and get responses from TTG's technical support staff as well as from other users.  You can also make suggestions for improvements to Territory Mapper, the Web site, and supporting documentation.

An extensive help system provides information on individual topics. The included glossary will familiarize you with many terms used in the mapping of territories as well as in Territory Mapper software. You can access the entire help system online through our knowledgebase.

If you are unable to locate the information you need in the provided documentation, the staff at TTG are ready to help. Registered Territory Mapper users have full access to telephone and email services. Trial users are encouraged to email any questions they may have regarding Territory Mapper using the online form.

Visit the User Forum Now


Thanks again for buying and recommending Territory Mapper products, for helping to make them better, and for reading Territory Mapper News.

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