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Issue: #1 Volume 5
January 2008
David Pinals, President & CEODear Territory Mapper User,

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us at TTG as our customers prepare for the new year and take time out to review their territories. This January marks a significant milestone for TTG as well. After much hard work and effort we are excited to begin the new year with the release of Territory Mapper V4. The new version of Territory Mapper is the most ambitious release we have ever undertaken. With over 50 new features and improvements I assure you that you will not be disappointed. We are also very excited about our new website with an integrated User Forum, a new Knowledgebase along with a new look and feel. Please take a minute to have a look at Territory Mapper V4 and the new website.

Wishing you a Safe and Happy 2008!


David Pinals
President & CEO
TTG, Incorporated

Territory Mapper V4 is Available Now
New Release Boasts Over 50 New Features!

We have been working diligently to add new features that you have requested. Not only is this version of Territory Mapper the best value on the market, we have added over 50 new features to this version! Here is a partial listing of what's new:Tmap V4

  • Load and plot your locations (customers, prospects, facilities, sales reps, etc.) using the new Account feature.
  • Link your data using either latitude/longitude or have Territory Mapper geocode it to the ZIP Code center automatically.
  • Set Account display rules to control what is displayed (or aligned) on your map.
  • New GeoBuild feature creates custom map layers from your sales hierarchy.
  • All Basic map layers have been updated to incorporate latest information
  • Print individual or Batch maps directly to PowerPoint.
  • Print individual maps to PDF.
  • New Smart Label placement algorithm optimizes label position and placement.
  • New Excentric Labeling feature for viewing labels and aligning in congested areas with large concentrations of accounts.
  • New Data Browser allows user to browse and view loaded data sets.
  • New Pack 'N Go feature for easy transport and sharing of documents and related data.
  • Multiple users can now open a single Territory Mapper document with read-only access.
  • Users can now move any map layer label.
  • Quick Labels feature allows user to display up to 4 linked data values as a popup when hovering over any account.
  • New Report Writer uses Crystal Reports and includes over a dozen standard report templates.
  • Export detailed or summary report data to PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, TAB, TXT or XML.
  • And much more...
Read more about Territory Mapper V4
Special V4 Upgrade Offer
Upgrade to the Premium Bundle and Save $150!

Territory Mapper V4 is now available for a limited time to registered users of Territory Mapper V3 at the special upgrade price of $149.

You may also want to consider the V4 Premium Bundle Upgrade. Here's what you get with this Special Offer:

  • NEW Territory Mapper V4 software
  • Updated Basic Map Set (8 map layers)
  • Updated 5-Digit ZIP Code map layer (Current Release)
  • NEW Extended Map Set (12 map layers)

You get all of this at the discounted price of $299 (a savings of up to $198!). This offer is available for a limited time all Territory Mapper V3 users - even those that do not currently own the Premium Bundle V3. Use this money saving opportunity to upgrade your software today!

Additional discounts apply for purchases of 2 or more upgrades. For a quote on 2 or more upgrades go to the Order page and enter the desired quantity in the field provided. When you click the "View Shopping Cart" button your discounted price will display.

Territory Mapper Website Facelift
New Users Forum
Territory Mapper WebsitePlease take a moment to visit the new totally redesigned Territory Mapper website. The new website was launched in conjunction with Territory Mapper V4 and sports a new look along with new content and features.

Of all the new features, we are most excited about the new, fully integrated Users Forum. This is a place where our growing Territory Mapper user community can interact, ask questions and get responses from our own technical support staff as well as other users. We hope that this forum becomes the central meeting place for Territory Mapper users that have questions or simply want to exchange ideas on how they have used the software in their business.

Visit the New Users Forum Now
New Data Reports Feature in V4
Balance Territories Using Data Reports
Territory Summary ReportOne of the most exciting new features in Territory Mapper V4 is the addition of data reports.

Data reports allow you to view your data in various ways. In particular, the 14 pre-defined report templates provided with Territory Mapper V4 allow you to view formatted reports containing information on:
  • Account level territory assignments
  • Map unit level (ZIP Code, County, etc.) territory assignments
  • Data summarized to each level of your sales hierarchy (territory, district, region, etc.)
  • Summary level data reports with percent deviation from mean
The data summary reports are particularly useful when designing or realigning territories because they help you understand how balanced (or unbalanced) your territories are and how close you have come to your alignment objectives. By generating data summary reports before and after you make alignment changes you will be able to easily compare
results. Processed reports can be printed or saved to Excel, Word, PDF, XML or other formats.

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Thanks again for buying and recommending Territory Mapper products, for helping to make them better, and for reading Territory Mapper News.

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In account-level documents (in v4.0 and up), try using the Excentric Labeling tool Excentric Labels to drill down on groups of accounts. The Excentric labeling tool is only enabled if you have accounts on your map and you are zoomed in on an area of the map.  For more information, please search the knowledge base or help system for the term "Excentric".