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Issue: #2 Volume 8

August, 2011


Dear Territory Mapper User,

Welcome to the August, 2011 edition of the Territory Mapper Newsletter.

Our major announcement is the release of the 2011B ZIP Codes.  Please read on to learn more.

This newsletter also features an article about our updated demographic data, information about our advanced territory design product (AlignStar), as well as information about technical support resources.

If you would like to learn more about TTG, Inc. and our other product offerings, please click here to visit the AlignStar website.

I welcome your feedback and questions about Territory Mapper, technical support, or this newsletter.  Please visit our contact form here.


Justin Turner
Manager of Technical Support
TTG, Incorporated 



2011B ZIP Codes Available Now

TTG announces the release of Territory Mapper 2011B ZIP Codes

The US 5-Digit ZIP Code boundaries change at a rapid pace. Many people are not aware of the fact that US ZIP Code boundaries are different than the simple roster or listing that the US Postal Service (USPS) maintains. The USPS does not create or market the boundaries for the 5-digit ZIP Codes. In fact, they are forced to purchase them from third party providers just like any other business.

Out of date ZIP Code maps can result in lost information, missing data, poor decisions and costly mistakes! We offer fresh, updated ZIP Code files every 3 months at an affordable price. Of course, all updates are optional and the file you have will continue to work for you until you are ready to refresh your data.

The new US 5-Digit ZIP Code add-on is available as a download from the
Territory Mapper website for the low price of only $199. A registered version of Territory Mapper is required to use the new US 5-Digit ZIP Code map file.Tmap V4 

  • Display over 41,000 current US 5-digit ZIP Codes in map form. 
  • Turn on 5-Digit ZIP Code numbers or names as labels on your maps.
  • Search for 5-Digit ZIP Codes by name or number.  
  • Instantly zoom into any 5-Digit ZIP Code in the US by a simple double-click.
  • Define your territories using 5-Digit ZIP Code boundaries.
  • Export lists of 5-Digit ZIP Codes and their associated territory assignments.  
  • Import your territory definitions for every 5-Digit ZIP Code in the US.
  • Seamless integration with all other Territory Mapper map layers. 
  • Easily move between various alignment layers including 5-Digit ZIP Codes.
  • Optional updates available every 3 months with the latest changes! 



Updated Demographic Data Available!

Select from over 18,000 variables, or purchase a popular bundle

DataOur most popular package is the Demographics Basics Bundle.  This dataset containing over 50 variables includes current year population and household counts and 5 year projections.  Also included are data on employment, age, sex, income and education. Data are delivered in text (.CSV) format at the 5-Digit ZIP Code level, and are ready to be linked to your existing Territory Mapper document.

For more information regarding our data offerings, please click here.




AlignStar Desktop & AlignStar Online

Want More Out Of Your Territory Mapping Software?

AlignStar OnlineDo you love the maps that Territory Mapper produces, but wish you could add data and analysis to the solution? Would you like to watch how your sales data totals adjust as you move ZIP Codes from one territory to another? What if there were a program out there that could actually suggest territories for you based on data and parameters that you specify? Well there is! Please visit http://www.alignstar.com for more information.

And now, AlignStar Online is available! Publish your AlignStar documents to the web using AlignStar Desktop and then make them available online to your field managers for their feedback and review. Go to http://www.alignstar.com/alignstar_online.html to learn more.



Territory Mapper Technical Support

How to Get Help

Territory Mapper SupportMany users of Territory Mapper have found the software to be intuitive and increasingly easy to use. The primary design requirement of Territory Mapper software is to make it familiar to most PC users, reducing the initial learning curve. This concept has worked for many users. For those who need more assistance, TTG provides several support options.

The online tutorial walks users through Territory Mapper, using real scenarios and appropriate data. The help topics cover almost everything a user could need to know about how Territory Mapper works. A user forum has been added to the Territory Mapper web site, under the "Support" selection of the main menu. Beyond that, there is live technical support.

The Territory Mapper tutorial provides a solid base of understanding for bringing your information into Territory Mapper, displaying that data, and getting it out again. The tutorial data provided with the software are working examples of properly formatted source data files. You will find them in the \Tutorial folder inside the Territory Mapper installation directory.

The user forum is an online community where Territory Mapper users can interact, ask questions, and get responses from TTG's technical support staff as well as from other users.  You can also make suggestions for improvements to Territory Mapper, the Web site, and supporting documentation.

An extensive help system provides information on individual topics. The included glossary will familiarize you with many terms used in the mapping of territories as well as in Territory Mapper software. You can access the entire help system online through our knowledgebase.

If you are unable to locate the information you need in the provided documentation, the staff at TTG are ready to help. Registered Territory Mapper users have full access to telephone and email services. Trial users are encouraged to email any questions they may have regarding Territory Mapper using the online form.

Visit the User Forum Now


Thanks again for buying and recommending Territory Mapper products, for helping to make them better, and for reading Territory Mapper News.

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