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Territory Mapper V6.0 Release Notes

TTG, Incorporated
209 Burlington Rd., Suite 211
Bedford, MA 01730

Phone: 339-970-2002
Fax: 781-539-0544
Email: Contact Support

This file contains information about the version 6 release for TTG’s Territory Mapper software.

Last updated 05/13/2013.


  1. Important information for users of previous versions
  2. Getting started with AlignStar V6.0
  3. Installation instructions
  4. What's new in V6.0

1) Important information for users of previous versions

This update incorporates an improved document structure. Documents created in earlier versions of Territory mapper will be automatically converted to the new file structure the first time they are saved in V6.0. Documents that are created or modified with version 6.0 cannot be opened by previous versions of Territory Mapper . If you have multiple copies of Territory Mapper that share documents in your organization, it is imperative that all copies are upgraded at the same time.

It is recommended that you backup all important documents before installing the upgrade.

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2) Getting started with Territory Mapper V6

Users are encouraged to view the online tutorials.

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3) Installation instructions

Please click here to view installation instructions.

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4) What's new in V6.0

  • Complete and up-to-date US 5-Digit ZIP Code Map Layer included.
  • Now includes comprehensive World Maps containing Admin 0 (Country) and Admin 1 (State or equivalent) levels.
  • Redesigned and easy to use Start-up Wizard.
  • Updated User Interface and new toolbar with your choice of small or large icons.
  • New report engine generates reports much faster.
  • New labeling feature allows up to 9 labels for each map unit.
  • Consolidated and improved label controls throughout.
  • New easy access label control in Layers tab for convenient toggling on and off.
  • New and improved Dynamic Labeling feature with user defined settings.
  • New default color palette creates attractive looking maps.
  • New Smart Draw default settings.
  • New default spherical Mercator projection (the same projection used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, OpenStreetMap, OpenLayers and others) creates maps that are pleasing to the eye and with a familiar look and feel.
  • Redesigned Hierarchy Tab control with color keyed folders and Expand All / Collapse All controls to assist with larger sales forces.
  • Redesigned Layers Tab with single-click label controls
  • Native support for Office 2010 document formats (pptx, xlsx, accdb)
  • Improved Batch Printing Support.
  • Improved support for Drag and Drop alignment in conjunction with the Dynamic Labeling tool.
  • Many more improvements throughout.


Copyright 1990-2013 by TTG Inc., Bedford, MA, All Rights Reserved

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